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Листинг 2.1 (продолжение)

Group: System Environment/Base License: None __eof__

found=0: orphan=0; echo "Scanning system libraries SNAME version $VER-$REL... " find $LIBS -type f \( -name '*.so.*' -o -name '*.so' \) | while read f do ((found++)) if ! rpm -qf $f >/dev/null 2>&1 then ((orphan++)) echo "Provides: $(basename $f)" >&9 fi echo -ne "Orphans found: $orphan/$found...\r" done echo '': echo ''

cat <<__eof__ >&9

%description This is a virtual RPM package. It contains no actual files. It uses the 'Provides' token from RPM 3.x and later to list many of the sharedlibraries that are part of the base operating system and associated subsets for this SOS environment.

%prep # nothing to do

%build # nothing to do

%install # nothing to do

%clean # nothing to do

%post # nothing to do



exec 9>&- rpmbuild -ba $TMPSPEC; rm $TMPSPEC См. также

rpm(8), rpmbuild(8); Maximum PRM (

2.10. Решение проблем установки RPM

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